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The 5 Most Dangerous & Scariest Roads in the U.S.

Think road trips are supposed to be relaxing? Think again as you find out about 5 incredibly dangerous roads to drive in the US.

Travellers tend to go on road trips for a vacation because they just make the experience better. However, not all those drives are going to be relaxing; some can be downright treacherous. Here are five road trips where you’ll drive your car with white knuckles and heightened senses all the way.

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Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

When it comes to gorgeous drives, Highway 550 in Colorado is tough to beat. But for a 25-mile stretch known as “Million Dollar Highway,” it could be described as hell on earth. This portion of the road that goes between the antique tourist towns of Ouray and Silverton takes you 11,000 feet above sea level through the Red Mountain Pass in the San Juan Mountains. And you don’t get the standard driving safety measures like guardrails and shoulders, so swerving off the road is not a good idea.

Interstate 10 – Arizona

You could literally drive coast to coast on I-10, but the 150 miles that go through Phoenix to the California border is pretty dangerous. You’re driving through a desert, so you’re not going to see many populated areas along the roadway. According to, this portion of the highway has seen up to 85 deaths for a state that suffered just under 700 road fatalities in 2010. Drive safely, folks!

Highway 2 – Montana

For whatever the reason, rural roads are much more dangerous to drive on than the urban variety. And none more dangerous than Highway 2 in Montana. Why is this stretch of road so dangerous? It’s a mix of wild driving and location. You’ll drive through some vast plains on this highway, which many drivers take as a cue to see if they can reach triple digits on their speedometer. And if you happen to get into an accident on this road, it’s normally going to take an average of 80 minutes for an ambulance to pick you up and take you to the hospital – it takes around 15 minutes for the same to happen in a city.

James Dalton Highway – Alaska

Ever watched “Ice Road Truckers?” This is the highway those truckers contend with on a regular basis. The scenery is gorgeous. What makes it scary to drive is it’s filled with potholes, strong winds that can fling small rocks at your car, temperatures that can reach minus 62 degrees Celsius, and it’s in the middle of nowhere. Car rental companies won’t let you take their vehicles down this road. Simply put: don’t drive on this highway without serious driving skills, extra food and water, and some extra fuel. On second thought, maybe we’ll just leave the Dalton Highway to the pros.

Highway 17 – South Carolina

This might be the most beautiful and scariest highway to drive at the same time. Highway 17 in Beaufort County has stretches where gorgeous trees line both sides of it. The peaks and valleys on the way give you that vibe of being in a Looney Tunes cartoon. But the sharp turns, blind curves, narrow lanes and animals like deer or mountain lions that could jump into the road at any time will scare the heck out of you if you’re not careful. 

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