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Hotels in New York

There’s not much that can be said about New York that isn’t already common knowledge. Countless movies, internationally significant events, and historic relevance have made this the de-facto capital of the whole planet and not just a major city in the United States. A silver city on the cutting edge of culture, education, and economics, an inspiration to artists, filmmakers, and writers for centuries, there’s enough to see and do in New York to take up a whole lifetime. There are three international airports in the downtown region alone, the harbor is constantly busy, and the region is well-connected via rail, bus, and public local transport.

Tourism in New York

Landmarks, history, art galleries, you name it, it’s here. After you’ve seen some of the more famous sights, like Central Park and Ellis Island, here are a few more unique and obscure suggestions to explore the City that Never Sleeps.

  • Special Interest Tours. A great way to organize your trip with the overwhelming choices the city has to offer, you can choose a fully narrated and guided excursion featuring food, art, history, popular culture, finance, social movements, mus, c and sports.
  • Film and Literature. Countless live action shows and films, along with famous authors, have used the iconic backdrop of New York to tell their stories. Can you imagine movies like “Splash” or books like “The Great Gatsby” taking place anywhere else? More of a pilgrimage than a tour, you can visit the real places that have become a part of our modern mythology.
  • Secret Islands. Not exactly secrets, but not nearly as well-trafficked as the very famous Ellis. Coney Island still retains some colorful if not creepy vintage carnival atmosphere, and Roosevelt Island, which is accessible via a scenic tram ride, is home to several abandoned hospitals and mental institutions.
  • Unusual Landmarks. You can avoid the crowds at less popular but just as fascinating memorials and important places. The Irish Hunger Memorial, for example, consists of a recreation of a blighted field and a ruined cottage. Fans of Tesla can visit the corner on West 40th where he fed his pigeons later in life.

Hotels in New York

Naturally, any city this big and popular would be expensive to visit, but the choices are so varied that you can see New York on a moderate budget with just a little planning in advance. You can stay in a myriad of regular hotels and hostels, or opt for something different and unique. Prices start at just above the $100 a night mark.

  • Vintage. There are hotels throughout New York that either retain the old world charm from the era in which they were built or have been designed to mimic a popular time from the past or a futuristic vision.
  • Boutique. Small, specially themed and meticulously decorated hotels might have had their genesis in the small and artistic corners of New York. These range from the colorful and kitschy to the sleek and contemporary.
  • Luxury. Upscale hotels in New York are at a whole other level of upscale. These are the opulent hotels that host famous people, celebrities, and important politicians. Look for famous names like Ritz-Carlton or the Four Seasons if you’re visiting the Big Apple in style.