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Hotels in Stockholm

Modern yet tranquil, Sweden's capital city rests on a Baltic sea archipelago of 14 islands connected by a network of dozens of bridges. This unique setup has led many to describe Stockholm as the "Venice to the North". With its beautifully preserved historic core made of thin cobblestone streets and imposing medieval architecture, some might mistake Stockholm as old-fashioned. In reality, it is vibrant, dynamic, and often on the cutting edge of modernity.

Known for its beauty and fashion sense, Stockholm is a design lover's dream. Even the smallest coffee shops are decorated with sophisticated clean lines, strategically placed greenery, and a keen attention to detail. It is also home to a vibrant food culture where all of the latest trends are represented. Traditional Swedish food like fried herring or meatballs can be found on every corner, as well as a wide variety of modern, trendy restaurants offering things like truffle burgers or wood-fired pizza. No matter what your tastes, Stockholm has something for everyone!

Tourism in Stockholm, Sweden

Despite being strewn across several islands, it is surprisingly easy to get around Stockholm on foot or on the metro. Just take the footbridges where you can and hop on the metro if you find your destination is too far to walk. Most of the street signs in Stockholm are written in English, so you'll have no trouble finding your way around. If you get lost, just ask a local; almost all Swedes speak English.

Stop by the Old Town for the postcard-worthy scenery that Stockholm is known for. There you'll find the massive Storkyrken Cathedral, the Royal Palace, and the Nobel Museum. Or, hop on a sightseeing ferry to see the city by boat - you won't regret it!

You should also check out Skansen, a huge open-air museum with farmsteads and a zoo. If you like to relax and people-watch, head to Kungsträdgården. It is Stockholm's most central park and the most popular hangout spot for locals and tourists alike!

Where are hotels located in Stockholm?

Most of Stockholm's hotels are located within walking distance of the city centre, making it easy to walk from your hotel to the city's main attractions. Some, like the Clarion Hotel and Villa Kalhagen Hotel, are located farther from the city centre, but are close enough to metro stations that the distance won't inconvenience you.

How much do hotels in Stockholm cost?

Stockholm is not known for its affordability - most hotels cost between $200 and $400 per night. However, there are several hostels available around the $50 per night mark!

Are there any unique boutique hotels in Stockholm?

Yes! The Berns Hotel, for example, is a hip venue that offers both dining and the occasional concert. It has a vibrant atmosphere and is by far the trendiest place to stay in Stockholm. For something more refined, consider a stay at the luxurious Lyndam Hotel, where you will be treated to views of the strait and a classic old-world feel.

Are there any luxury hotels in Stockholm?

Stockholm has earned its reputation as a luxurious city. There are a number of 5-star hotels, including the Nobis Hotel, which offers a world-class Italian restaurant, central location, and an extremely high level of service. Another great option is the Grand Hotel, which offers warm, plush rooms, fine dining, a spa, a well-stocked wine cellar, and an indoor pool - all inside a gorgeous historic building just minutes from the city centre!

Which Stockholm hotels are suitable for families?

The Park Inn by Radisson is a great option for families. It has free wi-fi, continental breakfast, and clean rooms at an affordable price. Scandis Kungens Kurva is another family-friendly hotel with a great pool the kids will love in a quiet location.