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Hotels in El Fasher

Introduction to El Fasher

El Fasher, also known as Al Fashir, is located in north Darfur, in the Sudan. While El Fashir is the capital city, it is still considered a war zone. Many countries, including Canada, have issued travel advisories, specifically stating to avoid all travel to Darfur. The El Fasher Motel is the only property listed, but with limited services and details.

Travelling to El Fasher

Should you need to travel to El Fasher for some reason, the El Fasher Airport (ELF) is roughly four kilometres from town, welcoming flights mostly from Khartoum. The most common carriers are Badr Airlines, Nova Airways and Sudan Airways. Rental cars are available at the airport, but taking them outside the city limits is extremely dangerous. Most visitors hire a car and driver to get around.

Since most flights into El Frasher Airport come from Khartoum International Airport (KRT), it might be worth it to consider booking a hotel in Khartoum and then flying to El Frasher for the day. Flights take about one hour and 15 minutes each way. Skyscanner can help you find the cheapest air to El Fasher or Khartoum. The innovative search engine can also find the best prices on hotels in Khartoum.

Hotel Options in Khartoum

Most hotels in Khartoum are close to the headwaters of the Nile River or along Africa St close to Khartoum International Airport. The closest airport hotels include the Hotel 45, the Kanon Hotel and the Abbasher Hotel. Just south of the airport is the Al Salam Rotana Hotel, next to the Afra Mall. All are moderately priced with the Al Salam Rotana and the Kanon Hotel Suites being the more modern of the group. All tend to have repeat business customers that want easy access to the airport.

The Coral Hotel is the closest you can get to the Nile. Looking much like an elaborate sand castle with an oversized sculptured pool, it is a luxurious local favourite. Nearby is the Corinthia Hotel, with its sail-like architecture and onsite Sabratha Spa and Fitness Centre. Both of these properties are in the splurge category. Like most hotels in Khartoum, these have Wi-Fi access.

Things to Do in Khartoum

There's plenty to do in Khartoum during your down time between visits to El Frasher. Remember this is a Muslim country with a strict dress code for women and certain customs when visiting mosques and other Holy places. Women must dress modestly and have their heads covered at all times. Men and women have different entrances to mosques and shoes are taken off outside.

Head for the National Museum, considered one of Sudan's best showcases for artefacts. Some royal statues and other items from Kerma date back 3,500 years. On the upper level are Christian frescos dating back to medieval times, taken from ruined churches in Dongola and other almost forgotten towns. On the grounds of the museum are rescued temples, found along the banks of Lake Nasser before the water levels covered them.

For some cultural immersion, visit the Hamed el-Nid Tomb in the early evening to see a colourful performance by the Sufi people in worship of Allah. Held daily, except during Ramadan, the ceremony starts with a parade and ends with a frenzied dance in an open area just outside the tomb. This is where the term "whirling dervishes" is thought to come from.