Constanta Kogalniceanu

Oct 21, 2019 - Oct 22, 2019

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Constanta Kogalniceanu is a great place to go either for a short break, a longer vacation, or as part of a multi-destination holiday. With plenty of restaurants, events, and landmarks to see, you will be glad to find a hotel in Constanta Kogalniceanu where you can rest and recuperate. With hotels available from C$110, why not book your hotel in Constanta Kogalniceanu today?

To find the perfect hotel for your needs in Constanta Kogalniceanu, the Skyscanner hotel search is a great place to start. With plenty of ways to sort and filter your results, you can narrow down to find everything from the best 5 star hotels in Constanta Kogalniceanu, to the best rated budget-friendly hotels. If you’re renting a car to travel to Constanta Kogalniceanu you can check for parking, and if you are going to be coming straight from the airport you can easily see which hotels in Constanta Kogalniceanu have airport shuttles to simplify your travel experience.

If you are planning a visit for a special occasion, why not take a look at these top rated hotels: Hotel Bavaria Blu, Hotel Carol or Tomis Garden Aparthotel.

How to Get Cheap Hotels in Constanta Kogalniceanu and Last Minute Hotel Deals

Getting the perfect hotel at a great price is something we all strive for. As with all travel, you’re likely to find a good price on a hotel in Constanta Kogalniceanu if you book far enough in advance, but a lot of hotels also offer great last minute deals in Constanta Kogalniceanu. When there are beds left to fill, prices are often cut to attract last-minute deal hunters and spontaneous travellers who have the freedom and ability to visit Constanta Kogalniceanu at the last-minute. You might not get your first choice of hotels in Constanta Kogalniceanu, but you are likely to get more for your money. We don’t recommend you wait until the last-minute during peak seasons and when there are events taking place in Constanta Kogalniceanu though, as it is likely that accommodation will fill up early – and you don’t want to be left without a bed!

Get Hotels in Constanta Kogalniceanu Near the Main Attractions

When visiting Constanta Kogalniceanu, there is plenty to explore – and finding a hotel near the main attractions will make this even easier. We recommend checking out hotels near Portul Tomis, Parcul Tăbăcăriei and Casa de Cultură, or using our map feature to find hotels near your specific points of interest.

Find Constanta Kogalniceanu Hostels, Apartments, and Bed and Breakfasts

Depending on your budget, length of stay and other factors, you might want to find an apartment or hostel in Constanta Kogalniceanu instead of a hotel. With the Skyscanner hotel search, you can set your filters by accommodation type to find your perfect match. On the flipside, you might not want to exclude hotels in Constanta Kogalniceanu altogether – you could get a great deal and enjoy a visit with a little more luxury!

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What are travelers saying about Constanta Kogalniceanu?

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Member reviews (21)
Violeta-Loredana Pascal
Violeta-Loredana PascalBucharest, Romania

This is the oldest populated city in Romania, a port, and home to a famous Romanian landmark: the Casino located on the beach. True, in the recent years the building started to degrade, they are now discussing ways to renovate it. I love the city because it is vibrant, has a great beach, many places to visit and see, and it is big so expect also crowds in the city.

Leigh Virkus
Leigh VirkusPittsford (town), New York

Large port city on the Black Sea, third largest port in Europe. Yeah, free internet at the McDonalds. City is a little behind the times but seemed active and friendly.

Rich Carriero
Rich CarrieroLongmont, Colorado, USA

Constanta's principle virtue is it's convenience. It is a Black Sea Port with excellent bus and rail access to the rest of the Balkans. Istanbul is only 9 hours by coach from here. Historically, Constanta's claim to fame is the Augustus sent the poet Ovid here for writing dirty poetry. There's a statue of him on a boardwalk overlooking the seaside.

Erin K
Erin KLos Angeles, California, USA

I volunteered at a children's orphanage here, and while the people in this city are absolutely wonderful, the architecture and overall Soviet vibe of the place can be a little depressing. That being said, there are some decent (and very, very cheap) restaurants in just have to ask around!


The least expensive month is November, with an average of C$73 per night. The most expensive month to stay in Constanta Kogalniceanu is July, with an average price of C$162 per night.
The average price of a hotel in October last year was C$75 per night. This is 45% less than the average nightly price of C$110 seen over the previous 12 months.
In Constanta Kogalniceanu, the expected average temperature in October is 12.5°C/54.5°F. The warmest month is typically July, which averages 28.0°C/82.4°F. The coolest month is January, with temperatures averaging -3.0°C/26.6°F.
The nearest airport to Constanta Kogalniceanu is Constanta Kogalniceanu (CND) (23.20km).

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