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Hotels in Amsterdam

One of Europe’s most popular cities for tourists of a variety of ages and interests, Amsterdam is overflowing with art, culture, history, architecture, and the counterculture. All of Holland is famous for it’s legendary cafes, with cannabis next to coffee on the same menu, but the stereotype that this dominates the city scene is simply untrue. It was the Age of Exploration in the 17th century that made Holland and its capital region the economic force it is today, with transportation options that still stretch across the globe.

Tourism in Amsterdam

The streets of Amsterdam are also a veritable museum themselves, with architecture and design that dates from the Middle Ages, Victorian times, and into the modern era. There are so many things to see in Amsterdam that it’s easier to organize them by category than mention them individually.

  • History. High seas adventure in the Age of Exploration, the life and times of Van Gogh, the horror of war and the triumph of the human spirit as Anne Frank told it.
  • The Counterculture. You are welcome to explore both the cannabis cafes and red light districts on your own, and fully narrated tours in a variety of languages are available that include how these places came to be and why they exist virtually nowhere else in the world.
  • Unique Transportation. Sure, you can take the convenient hop-on, hop-off bus, or you could travel around town like the locals on a boat in one of the canals. The open, relatively flat geography of Amsterdam makes it ideal for cycling or walking, all great ways to explore the city.
  • Dutch Cuisine. The colonial era brought the hot, spicy goodness of Indonesian food back to Holland, and this is also the home of the Strupwaffel, that delectable made with cookie m waffle batter and is filled with “strup”, a sweet heavy syrup. And of course, there are the many kinds of local cheese.

Hotels in Amsterdam

A history of international travel and global visitors has made it easy to find the right accommodation for your visit. Choose from a wide variety of conventional and unique places to hang your hat in Amsterdam. Bear in mind that the city’s popularity does keep the prices on the more expensive side.

  • Hostels. The reputation this city has as a haven for young and budget travelers is well earned. There are hostels and budget hotels all over the city, and local public transportation makes it easy to move around no matter where you choose.
  • Themed Hotels. You can choose a hotel that’s designed around your specific interest, whether it’s shopping, artwork, or even cuisine.
  • Bed and Breakfasts. These can include breakfast, half board, or a small kitchenette where you can prepare your own meals. They can be shared apartment or in private homes.