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Hotels in Tokyo

With its unique blend of ultramodern and traditional, Japan's capital city is sure to impress. Established as a small fishing village 500 years ago, the Tokyo metropolis has grown into one of the largest in the world, with over 30 million residents! Whether you're dreaming of ancient temples with serene Zen gardens or world-class sushi restaurants in the hippest districts, Tokyo has it all.

Tokyo's stunning skyline, tiny side streets, funky districts, and gorgeous greenery make it the ideal place to experience Japanese culture and cuisine. Dynamic and intriguing, Tokyo is one of the best cities in the world to explore on foot. You really can walk in any direction and find something interesting in minutes! With a city so diverse and exciting, you'll want to come back time and time again!

Tourism in Tokyo, Japan

The best way to think of Tokyo is not as a single city, but as a collection of cities that have grown together over hundreds of years. Each district has it own unique personality, from the shrines and temples of Taito to the electric nightlife of Akihabara. The list of potential activities is endless: you can catch a sumo competition in Ryogoku, visit the red light district in Shinjuku, or even explore the Imperial Palace in Chiyoda!

Shibuya Crossing, the Tsukiji fish market, and the funky Harajuku district are some of Tokyo's most famous attractions, but don't be afraid to explore the city outside of the major tourist areas! The city is exceptionally safe and Japan's public transit system is one of the best in the world. We've even put together a list of some of Tokyo's hidden gems so you can explore with confidence!

Japan isn't known for being affordable, but that doesn't mean you can't visit! Check out our guide to travelling Japan on a budget for insider tips to find great deals on flights, accommodations, and food, so you can visit Tokyo without breaking the bank.

Where are hotels located in Tokyo?

Tokyo's hotels are fairly evenly distributed throughout the city. Luckily, a subway station is never more than a few minutes' walk from a hotel, so you can easily get around Tokyo no matter where you stay! Just be sure that your hotel's location is within Tokyo, not Tokyo Bay (which is in the nearby prefecture of Chiba, more than half an hour away from the city centre).

How much do hotels in Tokyo cost?

Tokyo has hotels available at a variety of price points. Some hostels and budget hotels (mainly centered in the Taito area) are as low as $40 per night, while the average 3-star hotel costs around $150. Luxury 4- or 5-star hotels typically cost $450-$600 per night, with some extremely luxurious options up to $1000 per night!

Are there any unique boutique hotels in Tokyo?

Yes! If you'd like to stay in a traditional ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) complete with tatami mats, tea sets, and gracious service, be sure to check out Ryokan Sawanoya in the Yanaka district. It is surrounded by beautiful pre-war wooden studios, cafes, and craft shops. Another great ryokan is Andon Ryokan, Tokyo's only contemporary Japanese-style hotel.

Are there any luxury hotels in Tokyo?

There is no shortage of luxury hotels in Tokyo, especially in the coveted Shinjuku area. The Park Hyatt Tokyo, for example, is worth every penny of its $900 price tag! Located on the top floors of Shinjuju's iconic Park Tower, this hotel offers stunning views of Mt. Fuji and Tokyo's sci-fi skyline. Sleek and modern with a variety of upscale dining options, spa, gym, pool, and large suites, it's truly a once-in-a-lifetime destination of its own.

Which Tokyo hotels are suitable for families?

Two stand-out family hotels are the Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort and the Capitol Hotel. Tokyo Bay Maihama is away from the city centre, but perfectly situated for a visit to Tokyo's Disneyland, with a free shuttle to the monorail station that can have you there in 10 minutes. Capitol Hotel is closer to the city centre with easy access to all of Tokyo's main attractions and large family-sized suites. Plus, children under 9 can stay for free!