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Hotels in Montego Bay

Though Jamaica is home to many popular tourist hubs, Montego Bay is definitely one of the best ones. With a mid-sized population, the city offers a unique mix of exciting urban centres and gorgeous tropical scenery. There's something for everyone to enjoy in Montego Bay. Whether you're visiting with family, friends, or with your partner, Skyscanner can help you find a hotel to best suit your trip. And not only can you search and compare over a hundred of the best hotels in Montego Bay, you'll also be getting the best deals on price.

Top Hotels in Montego Bay

Based on a hotel's star rating and guest approval rating, you can determine in an instant whether the hotel will provide good service and a great guest experience. One hotel with very high ratings in both categories is the Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall. This five star rated hotel is known as one of the best Iberostar hotel locations in the world. The hotel is located just 20 minutes from the airport and is only open to adult guests.

The Iberostar is made up of almost two hundred gorgeous guest suites with lovely sea or garden views. Amenities include two outdoor pools, a full spa, and a fitness centre. Activities like dance classes and beach volleyball games are also available daily. Since the resort is all-inclusive, you can enjoy food from any of the five restaurants on site, featuring both traditional Jamaican and international cuisines.

The Secrets Wild Orchard is another five star Montego Bay hotel with very favourable guest reviews. Since the Secrets sits on its own private beach, you won't have to share with a swarm of tourists. Each suite at the hotel provides the ultimate in luxury with a whirlpool tub, a private balcony with gorgeous views and a mini-bar filled with complimentary drinks and snacks. The hotel also has a large pool, oceanfront bars, live entertainment, and a refreshing spa.

Cheapest Hotels in Montego Bay

Though most of the best Montego Bay hotels are expensive, they're also generally all-inclusive, meaning all meals and beverages are included in the room rate. Whether you're travelling on business or just have a tight budget to consider, there are many hotels with more affordable room rates. Located a few kilometres from the centre of Montego Bay, the Palm View Guest House offers rooms around the $100 CAD mark. The Guest House is popular among couples and solo travellers and includes amenities like a beautiful outdoor pool and wireless internet access.

The Grandiosa Hotel is another top choice for couples on a budget. It is also a great place for families to stay. Rooms at the Grandiosa are clean and comfortable and include free Wi-Fi. At the hotel, there is a lovely outdoor pool, a lounge with a pool table, and a restaurant serving Jamaican and international cuisine.

Celebrity-Approved Hotels in Montego Bay

Celebrities are known to take many luxurious, tropical vacations between shooting movies or recording a new album. When they do, the Half Moon is a popular place to book. This five star celebrity-approved hotel is located about 15 minutes from the airport on a private beach. Each room is spacious and features a private balcony or patio with ocean or garden views. The Half Moon is almost unimaginably luxurious, with amenities including an award-winning spa, a fitness centre, an equestrian centre, and an 18-hole golf course.