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Hotels in Dublin

Aside from being a popular tourist destination, Dublin functions as a busy transportation hub. The city is located at a halfway point between the eastern coast of North America and the European continent and is connected to trains, buses, and Dublin International Airport (DUB). The high season is generally the summertime, with holidays like Christmas and Easter also seeing a lot of traffic.

Tourism in Dublin

Tourists come for the ancient and medieval architecture, distillery and brewery tours, compelling oral traditions, and the romance of the Emerald Isle in general. Here are a few unique ideas to get you started.

  • Discovery Trails. Take a self-guided, themed tour using a handy free cell phone app. Travel along the footsteps of the ancients, march in the footsteps of soldiers and rebels, or spend a day in the life of a famous author.
  • Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre. There are plenty of castles in Ireland, and what makes this one different is the costumed interpretive staff that welcomes visitors. The castle itself is in a heritage town with plenty of authentic medieval buildings.
  • National Leprechaun Museum. A place of Celtic myth and legend, visit and learn the origins behind the ancient image of the legendary pot of gold and it’s mischievous keepers. And besides, if you’re in Dublin, you pretty much have to.
  • National Archaeological Museum. Take a deep breath and plunge more than 7000 years back in time, tracing the dominion of the Celts into medieval times. Some famous items from Irish myth and legend are on display here.

Dublin is a popular city for art, food, and shopping. Pubs, art galleries, and parks are available all over town, waiting to be discovered. A simple walk down the street can lead to a famous landmark or stunning old building.

Types of Hotels in Dublin

Dublin is a major metropolitan city, big enough to have every kind of hotel, motel, inn or B&B imaginable with a few more for good luck. The following are a few of the more quirky choices that you would only find locally.

  • Boutique Hotels in Dublin mix the comfort of a friend’s house with the ubiquitous Georgian architecture and contemporary, sometimes reclaimed materials. Other interesting features include Irish modern art, flat-screen TVs, and proper outlets for all your electronic devices.
  • Rock and Roll Hotels. Some of the five-star luxury accommodations located downtown are closely connected to the Irish music scene. One hotel is owned by Bono and The Edge, and yet another is within a few steps of a local arena that has hosted many famous names in Irish rock.
  • Townhouses are a combination of B&B and a hotel, and they frequently welcome long-term stays, couples, and families. These range from the upscale to the budget, can be seasonal, and often include a small restaurant or pub.

Many visitors come to Dublin for the ancient history and might be surprised to see the contemporary side of town. There are places to stay that reflect both the past and future of this charming city.