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Hotels in Havana

Hotels in Havana

The capital city of Cuba and the fourth biggest city in the Caribbean, Havana has a long history as a transportation hub and commercial center. It was founded by the Spanish in the 16th century as a headquarters for the exploration and settlement of the surrounding region, and in the present day, it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations on the American continent. The tropical climate and seaside location is ideal for fun in the sun, from food to drinks to nightlife, and Old Havana has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its architecture and history.

Hotels in Havana

The tradition of welcoming visitors to Havana goes back centuries, and there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to places to stay. You can choose simple and cozy, trendy and modern, or luxurious and sophisticated. Most of the accommodations here have perks like breakfast and airport transfers included in the price.

  • Hostels and budget hotels are numerous and varied, and are spread throughout the city and even to the suburbs. Many include extras that normally aren’t included with budget accommodations, like meal plans or spa visits.
  • Private Homes. For a real taste of life in everyday Havana, consider renting a room in a family home. These can also resemble hostels or boarding houses and often include breakfast or even half-board.
  • Resorts. The geography of Cuba, a beachside sanctuary in the Caribbean Sea, makes it a natural place for resorts and luxury hotels. Thanks to package deals with airlines and cruise ship companies, along with off-season prices, these kinds of places are accessible to budget travelers.

Tourism in Havana

It’s really about the “why” in Havana as opposed to the “what.” Tourists, travelers, and visitors come to Havana for a variety of reasons, and it’s easier to organize your visit by your motivation.

  • Health. Cuba has earned a reputation for a stellar public health care system. This includes not only medical care but hospital stays, advice on how to manage chronic conditions, and pharmaceutical prices. The temperate climate is also ideal for those resting or recovering from injuries or sicknesses.
  • Music and Dance. This category not only refers to the Latin rhythms like salsa or tango, or Cuban folk music but also special annual events like the International Ballet Festival and International Jazz Festival.
  • History. There are four centuries of history in Havana’s city streets, featuring some of the world’s best preserved and most opulent Baroque architecture. Old Havana is a virtually a three-dimensional encyclopedia of Western architecture from the medieval to the modern period.
  • Landmarks. Not only famous old buildings, but monuments, plazas, statues, cemeteries, and even castles make a simple walk through the city streets a sublime experience.