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JFK Departures Information

From the information above, you'll be able to determine if your scheduled aircraft is already at the airport or still in route. Checking regularly can make sure you stay updated and can plan accordingly if it appears your flight will be delayed. Other information on this page includes canceled or delayed flights, and, of course, the status that every traveler hopes to see—on time.

JFK Arrivals Information

If you're planning on picking somebody up at the JFK arrivals hall, it's crucial that you know the passenger's JFK flight status. While cellphones make it possible for your guest to call you if there's a delay, there are times when this won't be an option. You can check the arrival information above to be kept updated on flight arrival times.

Pick up and drop off at JFK airport

Whether you're picking up or dropping someone off at JFK airport, there are multiple options available to make it simple and stress-free. Those who enjoy engaging in a bit of people watching can park and go inside the airport to soak up the atmosphere. Both the JFK arrivals and JFK departures halls are typically quite busy. This is the case for both day and night flights. Overall, the airport has grown rather efficient at shuttling passengers to and from their assigned gates. In order to avoid getting stuck in a crowd, it's important to plan ahead to make your assigned pickup task that much easier.

If you live near to or are staying close by the airport, this task is often made much easier by bringing along a mobile phone. Even on a light day, it'll probably take your guest at least 30 minutes to get curbside after landing. This is more than enough time for a passenger to call his or her ride immediately upon touch down. Once that call has been made, the person doing the pickup can leave home and arrive at the prearranged point in no time at all.

Maybe you're too far away from the airport to arrive in under 30 minutes or you don't want to rely on mobile phones to provide you with updates. In that case, there are still many options available to you. You can check the JFK arrivals and departures online to ensure that you don't get stuck at the airport waiting for a plane to arrive if it has been delayed. To avoid having to pay a taxi fare to return to your hotel, check to ensure your scheduled departure hasn't been delayed by more than six hours. It's much more comfortable to relax at home or in your hotel room than it as at the airport. If you have booked your ticket online, your service provider will often provide instant text messaging service to give you regular updates. Be sure that you sign up for this service.

If you're heading to the JFK arrival area, consider using the mobile phone lot for better access. This provides you with an alternative to parking in a lot. It also provides you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you'll be close by when your family member or friend is ready to be picked up. The mobile phone lot is located just outside the airport corridor. You can park in the lot, wait for a call from your passenger, and then head curbside to pick him or her up. Just remember to coordinate where exactly you will both meet each other.

How to get to and from JFK airport

The JFK Airport is central to all parts of New York City. It's physically located within the borough of Queens, which puts it just 12 miles southeast of the lower part of Manhattan. There are multiple ways to get to and from the airport. Having a friend drive you is perhaps the easiest way as you can be dropped off curbside at JFK departures. Leaving the airport would be the same; just make sure to have your ride meet you at JFK arrivals.

There is a variety of private and public transportation options available to you. Every major car rental company has a presence at JFK. You'll be able to drive yourself, park the car at the car rental company, and then take a shuttle bus to the terminal. Taxi service is available throughout the city, and you can always take the MTA bus, subway, or commuter rail as well. Once you book your airline ticket online, getting to the airport should be the least of your concerns owing to the convenience of being in New York City.