Cheap flights to Pakistan

Cheap flights to Pakistan

Unlike in the 70s, Pakistan, today, isn't usually near the top of anyone's list of places to visit, even travelers on a tiny budget. When Canadians planning a trip do look up Pakistan, all they see is a travel advisory near the top of their search results.

To be certain, political instability, insurgency and religious fundamentalism do bring an element of risk to plans of tourism here. Yet, Canadians do come. They make their way here for the stupendous scenery and opportunities for adventure to be found in the Karakoram, Hindu Kush and Himalaya mountain ranges. They come for opportunities to witness the life lived by ancient tribes, and for the energy of this multicultural society making its way into an uncertain future.

The fact that Pakistan has all this to offer while remaining just about the cheapest destination on the planet for Western tourists (a week of decent food, hotel stays and adventure activity at $100 is standard), makes it very attractive for those who can't resist bargains.

If Pakistan sounds like the exotic location you've always wanted to travel to, it certainly is that. Once you do assess the risk involved and decide that you should go, you'll find that there are plenty of cheap flights and travel resources on Skyscanner that will help you put a plan together.

The best time to begin your Pakistan adventure

South Asia, and Pakistan, especially, burns in summer. Not only do you need to brave temperature extremes that hover around 48°C, dust storms that gather out of the deserts of the southern parts of the country add to the challenges that you need to prepare for, as well.

Nevertheless, if you're traveling to Pakistan to see the best that the country has to offer, you'll probably head to the country's mountainous north. Here, the weather is ever cool or cold, even at times when summer scorches the rest of the country. Planning your travel anytime between April and October is likely to work out well.

Getting to Pakistan

You need a tourist visa to get into Pakistan, but these visas are mostly only available to those who have a letter of invitation from a citizen of Pakistan. If you don't know anyone in Pakistan, you'll need to approach a travel agency willing to hand out such an invitation for a few dollars. Once you have such a letter in hand, applying for a visa is straightforward. The other option is to approach a designated tour operator for a fully planned itinerary. It can be expensive, but if you're interested, the list of agencies is available on the website of the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports.

Each of the country's three major cities has an international airport, and these are served by a number of international airlines. Keeping an eye on Skyscanner should help you snag the best deals.

The travel experience you can look forward to

If you're backpacker, you certainly can find the essentials at shockingly cheap prices. Delicious local food at good restaurants, travel, and accommodations anywhere in the country are nothing if not affordable.

If you're looking for luxury, Pakistan has plenty of that, as well (Skyscanner has all the hotels). Hunza Valley in the far north of the country, is an example. This lush valley, surrounded by towering snow-covered mountains, is one of the remotest and most beautiful places on earth. In this unlikely location, you'll still find several choices of comfy boutique hotels. Traveling along this region, you'll see highways in great repair, and tourist guides who are as professional as they come.

When you speak to the locals, you'll experience overwhelming love and hospitality, both important qualities of this culture. Most of all, traveling around Pakistan's north, you'll find it hard to ignore how pristine the environment is. It's one of the positives of traveling to a part of the world yet undiscovered by tourists.

What is there to do in Pakistan?

Most Western tourists who arrive in Pakistan come in search of adventure. These are tourists who want to ski, trek, climb mountains, go white water rafting, or go cliff diving and scuba diving. There are great local guides and adventure sporting organizations that help you with all of this.

If all you'd like to do is to take in the spectacular sights, Pakistan is second to none in the world. The Karakoram highway, otherwise known as the Silk Road, will  impress you to death. The scenic beauty here is noted for its otherworldly quality. For those arriving in Pakistan for the culture, you do need to visit the Kalash Valley, home to the Kalash people who are said to be descendants of soldiers who served in the army of Alexander the Great. Their little world depends on subsistence farming, exotic culture and festivals all their own.

If you are willing to go late in March, the cities are likely to be cool enough. From the warrens of the street markets of Karachi or Lahore to the world-class museums that hold some truly staggering treasures, Pakistan brings you as much cultural exposure as you can take.

If you've always wanted to venture off the beaten path, Pakistan is one of those places.You'd find it hard to come up with a more beautiful place off that path.

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