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Cheap Flights to Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a vast region of about a dozen countries, of dozens of cultures and languages, and more cuisines than you can keep count of. From Malaysia and Singapore to Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia, there is a bewildering range of experiences that beckons when you travel to this region. As you travel through the region, you will encounter hundreds of areas of natural, scenic beauty, temples, towns, markets, ruins and cuisines, you need to be prepared to take in as much as he can. You don't want to simply stick to one place, and you don't want to stick too closely to an itinerary. Southeast Asia is too wonderful to be able to fit into any one plan (Skyscanner's app can help you go with the flow).

Arriving in Southeast Asia

Some countries are cheaper to fly out to from Canada than others. It can help to research the cheapest fares.

If you have a Canadian passport, most countries in Southeast Asia allow you to obtain a visa when you arrive. Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam are exceptions, however. For these countries, you need to have a visa before you arrive there, and you even need to specify what point of entry you will use.

Southeast Asia can get very hot, humid and wet in summer. In general, you'll have the best time traveling between October and February.

The amazing experiences that await you in Southeast Asia

This region of the world is home to an array of experiences so vast, it can be hard to know where to begin. If you have to begin somewhere, Cambodia is as good as anywhere. Even if you've never been here, it's probably a part of your psyche. For years, cartoons, comic books, video games and Hollywood movies have propagated the architectural style of Cambodia's Angkor Wat temple whenever they needed to call up the exotic. The Angkor Wat's architectural style is part of the Lara Croft series, the Jungle Book (even if the story is set in India), Indiana Jones and so much more. When you arrive here for the first time, you'll feel as if you've always been here for this reason, and you may feel as if you've entered one of those fantastical movies.

Thailand is where you go for beach parties and water so pristine, you can see right through it. Malaysia is the perfect place to eat as much exotic food as you want without putting on any weight (check it out here on Skyscanner).

The beaches of Bali in Indonesia are where Australians come to party, and you'll have a great time to Vietnam where you get to hire a motorcycle and cruise through the country's spectacular paddy fields and talk to the very friendly people. Singapore is where you go to see the ultramodern side of Southeast Asia.

You'll want to keep coming back

Even if you do travel on a very small budget, Southeast Asia can be so affordable, you'll feel positively wealthy as you make your way through your vacation doing everything you want there at very little outlay. With cheap airline fares, quality hotels and a range of world-class activities to entertain yourself with, you simply won't want to go anywhere else.

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