Cheap flights to Afghanistan

Cheap Flights to Afghanistan

Despite its reputation as one of the most dangerous countries on the planet, Afghanistan sees a constant trickle of adventurous foreign tourists who are willing to ignore their governments' travel advisories in hopes of exploring some of the least visited and most exotic locales anywhere in the world.  Travelers who make it home rave about the country's spectacular natural beauty, extraordinary historical sites and curious, friendly residents.  If you're looking for a  vacation that is truly out of the ordinary, consider booking your next flight to Afghanistan. 

Best Time to Book a Flight to Afghanistan

The ideal time to visit Afghanistan is during late spring or early fall, when the weather is warm, skies are clear and mountain passes are traversable.  Outside of these times, summers tend to be sweltering and winters can be freezing.  A visit during the Afghan New Year, called Nowruz, will allow you to see traditional celebrations including the tulip festival in Mazar-i-Sharif, various buzkashi tournaments (buzkashi is the national sport of Afghanistan, in which players on horseback compete to move a goat carcass into the other team's goal) and family feasts with unique dishes that are only prepared on the most special occasions.  Be mindful that if your visit falls during Ramadan you will likely find all of the country's shops and restaurants closed throughout the day. 

Airports in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has two primary international airports.  The Kabul Airport is the most popular arrival point for foreign tourists.  The Kabul Airport receives international arrivals from foreign cities including Islamabad, Dubai, Istanbul and Delhi.  Here, travelers will find essential services including ATMS, a currency exchange and ground transportation services.  Further north, the Mazar-i-Sharif Airport also receives international flights from Istanbul and Tehran.  Skyscanner's multi-city search tool can help you book a flight into one of Afghanistan's international airports and out of the other, saving you time and money on the ground. 

What to See and Do in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has some of the most breathtaking natural panoramas anywhere on the planet.  A drive through the twisting Salang Pass offers stunning views of the Hindu Kush mountain range, Band-e Amir National Park is home to six turquoise lakes amidst a desolate, lunar landscape, and the Panjshir Valley promises never-ending fields of green and crystal clear mountain rivers.  Afghanistan's cities welcome visitors with traditional bazaars and ornate mosques, and further afield adventurous travelers can explore ancient ruins at sites such as the caves of Bamyan and the citadel of Herat.  When traveling between cities, local experts suggest that it is safer to travel by plane than by car. 

Tips and Advisories for Travel to Afghanistan

Foreign Affairs Canada currently recommends that Canadian travelers avoid all travel to Afghanistan due to the serious risk of terrorist attacks and kidnapping.  Travelers who are not put off by the travel advisories can apply for a visa through the Embassy of Afghanistan in Ottawa.  Afghan immigration officials will deny entrance to any travelers whose passports show evidence of travel to Israel, even if those travelers hold valid visas for Afghanistan.

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