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Cheap Car Rentals and Car Rental Deals in Tongliao

Tongliao is a city located in Inner Mongolia, China. It's situated on the Xiliao River, and it's known for its stunning grasslands and a large tantalum mine that's situated just outside the city. Travellers interested in visiting Tongliao can use Skyscanner to find the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals.

Finding a Rental Car in Tongliao

For travellers heading to Tongliao who want the convenience of their own rental car while they explore the area, the city offers three different car rental companies. Tongliao Lizhuo Car Renting Co., Ltd. has an office in both the northern and southern part of the city, and Tongliao CAR has one office in the southern half of the city. Each company offers a variety of vehicles to suit the needs of various travellers.

Driving in Tongliao

Driving in Tongliao is a unique experience for anyone not familiar with driving in China. First, keep in mind that drivers cannot drive with an International Driver's Permit in China. Instead, they will have to get a Chinese license. Unless stated by a sign, speed limits in Tongliao are 30 kilometres per hour on city roads with only one lane each direction, 70 kilometres per hour on city roads with two yellow lines, 100 kilometres per hour on city express roads, and 120 kilometres per hour on expressways. Finally, traffic in Tongliao drives on the right side of the road.

Top Things to Do in Tongliao

No matter the reason for travellers to head to Tongliao, there's plenty for them to see and do while they're there. For those interested in touring some of the temples around the city, options include the Dalelin Temple, Xingyuan Temple of Tongliao, and Kulun Sanda Temples.

Travellers interested in discovering the beauty of the land surrounding Tongliao will enjoy the Zhurihe Grassland Tour Zone. This tour showcases pastoral views of the Keerqin Grassland, combines them with local flavor and Mongolian folklore, and create truly unique experiences. The Keerqin Grassland is also where the Keerqin Grassland Horse Race Festival is held every year.

Another interesting experience is the Daqinggou Ecological Tour Zone. This well-preserved, ancient geological site is the ideal place to explore mountains, forests, grasslands, lakes, rivers, and deserts. In the spring, wildflowers bloom in all the fields, and in the summer, travellers can enjoy resting in the shade of a primitive forest. In the fall, the maple leaves turn a bright and brilliant red, while in the winter, the entire area is calm and hushed.

Finally, when travellers are looking to learn more about Tongliao and the history of the area, a stop to Princess Xiaozhuang's Palace is the ideal destination. This attraction has a set out re-creation that's similar to the Royal Palace in Shenyang, though on a smaller scale. Travellers will also find information halls and have the opportunity to explore the archery area.

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