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Cheap Car Rentals and Car Rental Deals in Ngaoundere

Ngaoundere means "Naval Mountain" in the local Mbum language, and the city is a communications hub. Travellers who plan on renting a car in Ngaoundere can use Skyscanner to find affordable car rentals.

Arrival in Ngaoundere

There are seven car rental companies at Ngaoundere Airport: Right Cars, Enterprise, Cheap Tickets,, Orbitz, Ace Rent-a-Car, and Vehicle Rent. Car sizes and prices vary, but as a general rule, the bigger the car, the more it costs to rent.

Driving in Ngaoundere

Road conditions in Ngaoundere are generally dangerous. While the roads are paved, they have many potholes. Travellers need an International Driver's Permit to drive in Cameroon. Road signage is scarce, and driving at night is not recommended. It is easy to lose one's licence here, because it will be confiscated or suspended if the driver is found guilty of various offences, such as a severe or fatal accident or "refusal to coöperate." Drivers who drive with a suspended licence will be sued.

Things to See and Do in Ngaoundere

Climbing Mt. Ngaoundere is a unique experience that rewards travellers with an unparallelled view of the city at the summit. More like a hill of boulders than a mountain, the view at the top is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. The hike is short but challenging.

Visitors with a taste for the unusual will want to buy a spaghetti omelette from a street food vendor. It's a combination of bread, spices, vegetables, eggs, and spaghetti, and strangely delicious.

The Lamidat is the residence of the Lamido and the site of the Lamido Grand Mosque. The Lamido is the area's leading Muslim authority. The current Lamido is somewhat secular-minded and takes great pride in the coexistence between the city's Muslim and Christian communities.

Lac Tison is a crater lake near the city. Visitors should swim near the rocks and stay away from the snail-infested edges of the lake since there is a risk of contracting schistosomiasis, a tropical disease caused by parasitic worms. The drug used to treat it is so powerful that it's taken only once a year. The illness is characterised by abdominal pain, diarrhea, and blood in the stool and urine.

Nature lovers will enjoy the Ngaoundere Ranch. The scenery is incredible, and the guide is a local legend. Visitors will enjoy horseback rides, dining on local food, and bird watching.

The truly adventurous can negotiate a four-wheel-drive trip to Benoue National Park, about three or four hours away. The park is a UNESCO-designated Biosphere Reserve and is mostly savannah. Animals include a small pride of West African lions (an endangered species), elephants, spotted hyenas, water bucks, warthogs, and monkeys. The rare Derby eland, Africa's largest antelope, can only be found here. Hippopotamus communities share the river with crocodiles. There are also 306 different species of birds. 

Returning the Rental Car

Visitors who have agreed to return their rental car with a full tank of gas can fill up at the MRS gas station close to the airport.

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