Rental companies may charge extra for drivers under 25, normally payable when you pick up your car. Age restrictions may apply in certain locations. Check the rental company's website before making your reservation.

Cheap Car Rentals and Car Rental Deals in Gunsan

Located on the Yellow Sea about 100 miles from Seoul, Gunsan is in the southwestern province of Jeollabuk-do. Most visitors arrive by train, coming from the nearby city of Jeonju. Tourists looking to explore cities throughout South Korea will most likely pass through Jeonju at one point during their travels.

Where to Rent a Car in Gunsan

Most visitors will find it convenient to organize their car rental by visiting Hertz, the only major car rental agency operating out of Gunsan. The rental facility is a five-minute drive from the train station. The nearby city of Miryong Dong is about 2 miles southwest of Gunsan and may also be a viable option. Customers can expect to find the most competitive rates for car rentals at one of these two locations. Gunsan has a small regional airport that operates just a few flights per day. There are currently no major car rental agencies operating out of this airport. 

Requirements for Renting a Car

A valid international driving permit or a valid driver's license that is issued in South Korea is required. Car rental companies may require both the international driving permit and a driver's license. Often misinterpreted, an international driver's license will not be accepted as an international driver's permit by car rental agencies.

Driving Around South Korea

Driving occurs on the right side of the road. Road signs are mainly written in both English and Korean. The signage and route may be unfamiliar, so including a hands-free navigation system with the rental will make getting around much easier.

Turning right on red is allowed, and most roads are in very good condition. Inexperienced drivers should give extra way for taxis and buses. All passengers are required to wear a seat belt. Many expressways are controlled by speed cameras. Cell phones use while driving is illegal unless it's hands-free. South Korea has a 0.05 percent legal limit for driving under the influence.

Best Things to Do in Gunsan, South Korea

Becoming a major port in the early 20th century, Gunsan attracted a large amount of Japanese immigrants. With their new-found wealth, the Japanese built extravagant homes, which are still on display today. The old-fashioned architecture is unlike anywhere else in South Korea. Begin the tour by visiting the Hirotsu House, a Japanese style home built by a fabric wholesaler and farm owner during this colonial period. The house enables tourists to peek into the daily life of a wealthy Japanese businessmen.

Continue the tour by visiting Dongguksa Temple. It's the only remaining temple built in a Japanese style left in Korea. Be sure to stop at some other nearby architectural wonders, including the Gunsan Customs Building, Chosun Bank, and Impi Station.

Gunsan is also recognized for jjamppong, a spicy soup made up of seafood and noodles. Famous for its loveliness at night, the Eunpa Lake Park is the ideal place to complete a tour of the city. Head to Mulbit Bridge to get the best views of the music fountain and light show.

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