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Car rental from Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan Airport

Taiwan, particularly the capital city of Taipei, is an increasingly popular tourist destination for international travellers. While Taiwan is home to five world-class international airports, visitors to Taipei will usually fly into Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Named as one of the best airports in the Asia-Pacific region, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport served over 42 million travellers in 2016, its busiest year on record. 

Taipei is one of the most vibrant, active cities in the entire world, so getting around this area requires access to reliable transportation. It is for this reason that many people who land at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport choose to acquire a rental car. 

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Car Rentals

To make their visit to Taipei as easy and enjoyable as possible, most travellers rent a car soon after landing at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Luckily, this top-ranking airport offers multiple car rental companies where tourists can get the right vehicle for their trip. 

There are car rental companies in both terminals of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. In Terminal 1, travellers can rent a car from Ching Bing Auto Leasing, which is located on the north side of the terminal on the first floor. Terminal 2 hosts both Avis Taiwan and Hotai Leasing Corporation, which are located on the north side and south side of the terminal, respectively. 

When renting from these companies, travellers should consider a vehicle with good gas mileage, as there is a good deal of starting and stopping in Taipei traffic. It is also a good idea to choose a vehicle with an English-language GPS system. 

Leaving Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Although Taipei is an extremely busy city, leaving the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is a lot easier than many travellers might imagine. For example, there are only two roads on the airport grounds, Hangzhan North Road and Hangzhan South Road. Whichever road travellers choose to take, they will be able to access one of Taipei's major routes. 

Taking Hangzhan North Road will take drivers to Highway 2 and Hangzhan South Road leads to Highway 4. Either of these main roads will allow visitors to drive to the most popular areas of this exciting city. 

Recreation Near Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Visitors to Taipei almost always want to see the sights shortly after landing. Fortunately, there are many popular attractions a short distance from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. 

For many tourists, a crucial part of a vacation is enjoying a little shopping, and in Taipei, there's almost no better shopping destination than Gloria Outlets. A 6.4-kilometre drive from the airport, this open air mall is a great place for visitors to stretch their legs and buy souvenirs commemorating their Taipei trip. 

Spending time outdoors is another favorite activity of visitors to Taipei, and the best chance for outdoor recreation near the airport is the Hutou Mountain Park. This park area is 13 kilometres from the airport and offers multiple walking trails and a breathtaking view of the city's downtown district. 

Anyone who wants to see the variety of natural beauty featured in Taiwan should go on M13's Taiwan Walking Tours. Also 13 kilometres from the airport, these tours let visitors see Taiwan's gorgeous scenery, including picturesque mountains. 

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