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Car rental from Malaga Airport

When it comes to tourism, Spain is one of the most popular countries in the world. While every region of Spain experiences a high volume of tourists, one of the most popular regions is Andalucía, mostly due to the Costa del Sol. For world travellers interested in visiting Costa del Sol, the best decision is booking a flight to the Málaga Airport. 

The Málaga Airport is the fourth-busiest airport in Spain, with over 14 million annual passengers. Because there is so much to see in Andalucía, many visitors want to secure a rental car, which can be easily accomplished in the airport. 

Car Rentals in Málaga Airport

At Málaga Airport, travellers will find 20 excellent car rental companies. However, only eight of these companies are inside the airport terminals. Companies that operate at the airport include Avis, Enterprise, Europcar, Goldcar, Hertz, Record Go, and Sixt. The rental desks for these companies can be found in the baggage claim area slightly past carousel 31. 

Travellers who plan to rent a car at Málaga Airport should consider booking ahead of time, as car rentals can be very competitive in this popular tourist destination. Also, it is highly recommended that rental cars come equipped with a high-quality air conditioning system, as temperatures in Andalucía can be very high during the summer months. 

Roads Near Málaga Airport

After renting a car and picking it up from the rental lot, tourists anxious to start their trip will want to quickly leave the airport. Luckily, leaving the airport is simple, even for newcomers to the region. 

By taking MA-23, the road that leads to and from the airport, travellers can access MA-20 and MA-21, two of the major roads in the area. However, after driving past a certain point, visitors will encounter residential and commercial areas, increasing the likelihood of heavy traffic. A GPS system is a good idea for travellers who want to easily drive around Andalucía. 

Things to do Around Málaga Airport

When visiting Andalucía, visitors will find many exciting activities, making for a rewarding and memorable vacation. Fortunately, many of the most popular attractions in this city are in close proximity to Málaga Airport. 

For instance, travellers who can't resist spending some time in nature should plan a visit to the Molino de Inca Botanical Garden. This garden features some gorgeous plant life and is less than 5 kilometres from the airport. 

Visitors whose main purpose is seeing the Costa del Sol can get to this popular destination very easily. Reaching Costa del Sol will take an hour and fifteen minutes' drive from the airport, most of which will be along road AP-7. 

Some of the most popular sites in Andalucía are the gorgeous beaches, and one of these is very close to Málaga Airport. Simply by driving for 5.5 kilometres, tourists can spend some time on the Playa El Bajondillo, one of the most picturesque beaches in this popular region of Spain. Clearly, there are numerous delightful activities mere minutes away from Málaga Airport. 

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