Author: Tae Haahr

Cheap Weekend Flights from Canada

A new long weekend adventure is only a short flight away. These destinations below all offer cheap weekend flights from Canada.

Book Cheap Flights to Europe with These Tips

Is Europe calling you? Are you dreaming about strolling around the Colosseum in Rome, taking a tour up the Eiffel Tower in Paris or walking under the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin? If that’s the case it sounds like you need to find yourself some cheap flights to Europe.

10 Best Summer Vacations: Here’s Where You Should Go in 2019

As the cold weather in Canada starts to lift the light at the end of the cold, dark, winter tunnel starts to come into view and it’s time to start planning your perfect summer vacation.

Travel in Canada: Breaking Down Barriers so You Can Explore the Great North

Did you know that just over a quarter of Canadians have travelled this massive country we call home? Read on to find out why we dismiss our home and native land for more ‘exotic’ vacation destinations, and why Canada just might be the latest travel destination worth exploring in 2019.

8 Fun and Budget-Friendly Places to Vacation in Mexico

Mexico can definitely be done on the cheap. There are destinations from coast to coast for a Mexican vacation that can fit your travel budget! Here’s a look at just some of them.

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Group Travel: How to Plan the Ultimate Vacation with Friends

Thinking about hitting the road with your peeps? How about a dream trip to Europe, an island escape, or maybe even an epic road trip across Canada? It all sounds amazing, but travelling with friends can really make, or break, a relationship. So before you book your flights or pile into a car, there are a few things you better think about.

Air Transat’s Family Travel Guide

Air Transat recently released their tips and tricks to having a great sunny vacation with your family. Here’s some travel advice from the experts at the World’s Best Budget Airline in 2018.

How to Find Cheap Flights: 7 Travel Tips and Tricks

“How can I find cheap flights” is one of the most commonly asked questions by travellers around the world. What tips, tricks and hacks exist to get you dirt cheap flight prices? So we thought we’d put together the ultimate guide on finding cheap flights!