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Author: Jim Byers

Amazing things to do in Lake Erie, Canada’s ‘forgotten coast’

Looking for a new Canadian adventure? Check out Lake Erie’s shoreline to experience beautiful views, fantastic local wine, delicious food, and more!

Canadian winter destination: Grey County, Ontario

Charing is giving an older but not overly experienced skier a lesson on the easy hills at Blue Mountain, one of Ontario’s top ski hills…

Skyscanner Reveals The Best Time to Book Flights to Manila

Skyscanner’s latest study on flight prices reveals the best time to book flights to guarantee the best savings. To increase your chances of getting the cheapest flights to Manila, you should travel in September and book nine weeks in advance.

Canadians Should Consider Visiting These 6 Great American Cities

Canadians don’t know how good they have it. Some of the world’s greatest cities and destinations are just a short flight away, with tremendous art, architecture, food and more. Here’s a look at some great U.S. cities to check out.

What to do in Calgary and Edmonton: Things to See, Eat and do

If you want fabulous food, wonderful hotels and great shopping in up-and-coming urban areas, be sure to add Calgary and Edmonton to your list. These two Alberta cities serve as gateways to the Rocky Mountains. Find out what to do in Calgary and what to do in Edmonton.

Hiking in Hong Kong: Exploring the Natural Side of Hong Kong

Awesome shopping? For sure. Superb luxury hotels? Absolutely. Pulsing nightlife and jam-packed markets? You betcha. Fantastic nature opportunities? Not to be missed. Check out the best nature spots for hiking in Hong Kong with this guide.

10 Beautiful Hidden Gems of Canada

Canada is the world’s second-largest country and from the east to west coast, there are hidden gems ready to be discovered. Here is our list of our favourite hidden gems in Canada.

Amazing Canadian Cities You’ve Never Heard Of

Canada is well-known for its strong, vibrant cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary. However, there are tons of lesser-known Canadian destinations worthy of your time. Here are the top picks of amazing Canadian cities you might not have heard about, as chosen by Jim Byers, a long-time Canadian travel writer.

7 of the Grandest Hotels in Europe

Walking into a grand hotel makes you feel special, as if you’ve truly left your normal world behind and have somehow been transformed into a special traveller, with important things to do and people to see. Other hotels might not deliver that same shiver of excitement from the lobby but offer exquisite views or tremendous service. Here are some of the European hotels that deliver that type of feeling.