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US Airways was a large American air carrier that ceased independent operations in the fall of 2015.

Founded in 1937 as All American Aviation, the airline grew to service numerous domestic and international routes. Within the country, US Airways most popular destinations included Charlotte, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Washington D.C. International operations included Europe and the Caribbean, and a temporary codeshare agreement with United Airlines for additional destinations.

While in service, the airline operated a fleet of 338 Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer jets, one of the largest fleets in the world. After closure of independent service, the majority of the fleet joined American Airlines.

In 2015, US Airways officially merged with American Airlines, which absorbed all routes and operations. Processes for the merger began several years earlier, with US Airways adopting the loyalty programs and operating systems of American Airlines. The final flight under the official US Airways name travelled from London to Philadelphia on October 17th, 2015.

Alternate Airlines

Several American carriers continue to service the routes previously operated by US Airways. Explore American Airlines, Delta, and United, for a travel experience similar to that of the former US Airways.

American Airlines

Founded in 1926, American Airlines was first established as a mail carrier. Today, the airline travels to over 90 domestic and 90 international destinations in over 50 countries. The airline boasts the largest Airbus fleet in the world, with a diverse selection of Airbus aircraft for short and long haul routes.

Any online search queries for US Airways are now redirected to American Airlines, where you can find many of the same aircraft and routes still in operation.

Popular Domestic Routes with American Airlines

  • Phoenix – Charlotte: 6 h 35 min, from $224 USD
  • Philadelphia – Palm Springs: 7 h 46 min, from $188 USD
  • Orlando – Louisville: 3 h 50 min, from $117 USD
  • Philadelphia – Washington D.C.:0 h 57 min, from $172 USD
  • Washington D.C. – Sacramento: 7 h 51 min, from $137 USD

Delta Airlines

Established in 1924, Delta Airlines now services over 300 destinations across 54 countries, with over 5,400 flights departing daily. Operations are headquartered out of the international airport in Atlanta, Georgia. The airline manages a large fleet of Airbus and Boeing jets for domestic and international travel.

Popular Domestic Routes with Delta Airlines

  • Phoenix – Las Vegas: 3 h 40 min, from $140 USD
  • Charlotte – Albany: 3 h 59 min, from $207 USD
  • Washington D.C. – Jacksonville: 3 h 42 min, from $140 USD
  • Philadelphia – Portland: 7 h 51 min, from $330 USD
  • Reno – Charleston: 9 h 25 min, from $445 USD

United Airlines

Established in 1926, United Airlines is one of the largest American air carriers, and offers a variety of domestic and international routes to over 60 countries. United is the only US carrier to offer service to certain international hubs, including Hamburg, Melbourne, and Mumbai. Airbus and Boeing aircraft make up the majority of the fleet, which is headquartered out of Chicago, Illinois.

Popular Domestic Routes with United Airlines

  • Washington D.C. – Detroit: 1 h 33 min, from $91 USD
  • Phoenix – New Orleans: 4 h 46 min, from $181 USD
  • Philadelphia – Lexington: 5 h 54 min, from $377
  • Chicago – Atlanta: 1 h 56 min, from $45
  • Los Angeles – Madison: 5 h 14 min, f

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