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When you’re looking for low-cost airlines, cheap Spirit Airlines flights are what you need. Specializing in ultra-low-cost, Spirit Airlines help you keep more money in your pocket—saving you money on transportation when you’re on the way to your next vacation destination. Spirit Airlines’ headquarters is based out of Miramar, Florida, USA, and they have many more American airline hubs domestically, including locations in Atlantic City International Airport in New Jersey, Chicago-O’Hara International Airport in Chicago, Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport in Texas, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in California, and McCarran International airport in Las Vegas. Aggressively low-cost, Spirit Airlines is who you fly with when you aren’t interested in frills or gimmicks.

Spirit Airlines is 4th for on-time arrivals amongst its low-cost competitors, with 88% of its flights arriving on-time and 12% experiencing an average delay of 67 minutes. For passengers who are looking to minimize their flight experience, Spirit Airlines is the airline carrier for them, meaning those who are tech-savvy, light travelers will be able to save a bundle with Spirit. Make sure that you get the best Spirit Airlines ticket prices and cheap international flights on your next booking by subscribing to Skyscanner’s Price Alert for your next travel destination.

Spirit Airlines operates both domestically and internationally out of the United States. From its hub at Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and Fort Lauderdale, California, here are some popular domestic and international flights that Spirit Airlines operates:

Spirit Airlines Domestic:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona—2h 40mins, from $192 USD.
  • Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas to Los Angeles, California—3h 35mins, from $319USD.
  • Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas to Chicago, Illinois—2h 15mins, from $240 USD.
  • Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia—2h, from $231 USD.
  • Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas to Las Vegas, Nevada—3h, from $192 USD.
  • Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas to Tampa Bay, Florida—2h 20mins, from $340 USD.

Spirit Airlines International:

  • Fort Lauderdale, California to Bogota, Colombia—3h 40mins, from $676 USD.
  • Fort Lauderdale, California to Armenia, Colombia—3h 40mins, from $389 USD.
  • Fort Lauderdale, California to Cancun, Mexico—2h, from $176USD.
  • Fort Lauderdale, California to Cartagena, Colombia—2h 55mins, from $204 USD.
  • Fort Lauderdale, California to Montego Bay, Jamaica—1h 40mins, from $452 USD.
  • Fort Lauderdale, California to San Jose, Costa Rica—2h 55mins, from $613 USD.

10 Major Airports/Hubs Serviced by Spirit Airlines

Though Spirit Airlines is primarily a domestic carrier, they do have some international services as well as flights out of many major American airports. Here are the airports that Spirit Airlines services and the corresponding terminals that you can find the airline in.

  • Seattle, Washington, SeaTac International Airport; Spirit Airlines is located in the Main Terminal.
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey, Atlantic City International Airport; Spirit Airlines is located in the Main terminal.
  • Boston, Massachusetts, Boston Logan International Airport; Spirit Airlines is located in Terminal B East.
  • Cancun, Mexico, Cancun International Airport; Spirit Airlines is located in Terminal 3.
  • Aruba, Aruba, Queen Beatrix International Airport; Spirit Airlines is located in the Main Terminal.
  • Chicago, Illinois, Chicago-O’Hare international Airport; Spirit Airlines is located in Terminal 3.
  • Detroit, Michigan, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Spirit Airlines is located in the North Terminal.
  • Fort Lauderdale, California, Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport; Spirit Airlines is located in Terminal 4.
  • Guatemala City, Guatemala, La Aurora International Airport; Spirit Airlines is located in the Main Terminal (3rd level).
  • Huston, Texas, George Bush Intercontinental Airport; Spirit Airlines is located in Terminal A.

Types of Planes In Service for Spirit Airlines

The entirety of Spirit Airlines’ fleet is Airbus models (A319-100, A320-200, A320Neo, A321-200) with more aircraft on order to replace aging models in the fleet. Spirit Airlines has a total of 108 aircraft in its fleet with 63 models on order for the future.

Why Fly Spirit Airlines?

Loyalty Programs, Discounts and Miles Promotions

Spirit Airlines loyalty program, Free Spirit, rewards not only frequent fliers of Spirit Airline but also frequent shoppers of Spirit Airlines’ partners. Collecting miles is easy for passengers as all they need to do is sign up for a Free Spirit membership, start flying and get collecting. Passengers are also able to shop at exclusive Spirit Airlines’ partners where dollars spent add up to miles gained for their Free Spirit membership.

In addition, passengers are able to apply for Spirit Airlines’ exclusive MasterCard, the Spirit World MasterCard, and earn 2 miles for every $1 spent on purchases. Passengers have great Spirit Airlines partners to choose from, including car rental, wine clubs, hotels, cruises, online games and more.

With free flights from 5000 miles, rewards add up quickly with Free Spirit. But in case you’ve found yourself a little short on miles, Free Spirit allows passengers to purchase miles to top up to where they need to be—so passengers can get flying sooner. Or maybe another family member or friend has miles to spare? You or other members are able to gift Spirit miles to family and friends—to help them out or get them started on their Spirit Airlines journey.

Passengers need to be aware that, depending on how far in advance they book their reward flight from Free Spirit, there may be a service fee before the flight can be processed.

  • For award tickets that are requested at least 181 days before departure, there is no fee.
  • For award tickets that are requested between 21 and 180 days before departure, the fee is $15 USD.
  • For award tickets that are requested between 7 and 20 days before departure, the fee is $75 USD.
  • For award tickets that are requested 6 days or less before departure, the fee is $100 USD.

How to Check In, Seat Assignment, Leg Room and Other Fees

Because Spirit Airlines is a strictly low-cost airline, you will save money if you check-in prior to arriving at the airport. Instead of standing in long lines to check-in at the airport, check-in from the comfort of your own home! You will need access to a printer to print your boarding passes, your confirmation code, and your last name, but everything you need before flying can be completed online—it’s fast and simple. Your confirmation code depends on who you booked with, but if you booked with a third party booking company that isn’t listed on Spirit Airways’ website (Spirit, Expedia, Priceline, CheapOair, Orbitz) then there should be a confirmation code printed in your confirmation email—it should be a 6 character, alphanumeric code combination. Once you have your confirmation code, you are good to go. You can check-in online from 24 hours before and up to one hour before your flight. During online check-in, you can add any extras that you need, unless you’re planning on flying barebones. The price for printing a boarding pass the airport kiosk is $2 USD per boarding pass, and if you have an Airport Agent print it for you, the fee is $10 USD—so be sure to print your pass at home.

Some passengers will elect to pay for extra bags, select their own seat, join the $9 Fare Club (which often gets passengers discounts on fares and online bag discounts) or other optional extras. If you are fine with Spirit Airlines choosing your seat, then the random seat selection is free. However, if you’d like to choose your own seat, the fee for seat selection ranges from $1-50 USD. For Spirit Airlines’ Big Front Seats (customers can pay in advance for wider seats with more legroom), if you pay online, the fee ranges from $12-150 USD. If you wait until you’re onboard, the price for a Big Front Seat ranges from $25-175 USD.

Spirit Airlines recommends that you arrive at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure for domestic, and at least 3 hours before departure for international destinations.

Baggage Allowance and Fees

Spirit Airlines is a no-frills airline, which means that the less you bring, the less you spend on fees. But for customers who wish to travel with more bags, it is in their best interest to pay for their bags online before arriving at the airport, as the online fees are cheaper than paying in person at the airport check-in. All passengers are able to bring one free personal item, but checked baggage on Spirit Airlines will cost you more. Prices range depending on the quantity and size of your checked baggage but expect to pay somewhere between $21 USD and $50 USD. You will be able to determine your exact costs once you book your flight, but be sure that your baggage is under the weight limits, or you’re going to pay overweight baggage fees.

For overweight bags:

  • Between 18-23kg, add $30 USD to your baggage fee.
  • Between 23-32kg, add $55 USD to your baggage fee.
  • Between 32-45kg, add $100 USD to your baggage fee.
  • For oversized bags (158-203cm), add $100 USD to your baggage fee.
  • For special items over 203cm, add $150 USD to your baggage fee.

To save you money and hassles at the airport, travel with as little as possible on Spirit Airlines. You need to get where you’re going without gimmicks and frills, and Spirit Airlines will get you there—so leave the heavy stuff at home and pack only what you need.

Service On Board: In-flight Entertainment and Meals

Spirit Airlines prides itself on being a low-cost airline provider and, as such, they keep it simple. There aren’t any in-flight entertainment options onboard Spirit Airlines flights, but you are welcome to bring your own electronic devices provided they fit within your personal item (bag) and are in airplane safe mode. Spirit Airlines does, however, offer in-flight refreshments for purchase during flights (debit or credit card only—cash is not accepted). Spirit Airlines doesn’t offer any special dietary meals but hopes that the offerings they have for purchase will be able to fulfill most customer requests. However, if you have any specific allergies, Spirit Airlines cannot guarantee that any food they have for purchase hasn’t come into contact with allergens, so passengers are advised to take all necessary precautions for themselves and to let the crew know at the gate (in the case of peanut allergies) so they can create a peanut-free zone around your seating area.

Child Fares/Fees, Minor Service Guidelines

Spirit Airlines understands that its customers want to save money, which is why young passengers who have not yet reached two years old are able to travel for free on the lap of their parent (or a guardian who is a least 15 years of age). You are, of course, able to purchase a seat on the flight for your child if you’d like, but you need to be sure that you bring FAA approved seating for your child if they are unable to sit upright alone in their seat with a seatbelt on.

If one parent is traveling with two children, then a second seat needs to be purchased for the second child as only one child per lap is allowed. Though the cost of your child riding on your lap might be free, depending on the state/country, taxes might be applicable to your child’s flight. Parents are responsible for bringing proper documentation for their children and presenting it to the airline/security on request.

Some children on nonstop domestic flights can travel on Spirit Airlines as Unaccompanied Minors and there is a fee of $100 USD per child, per way. If a child is younger than 4, then they must travel with a guardian who is at least 15 years of age, otherwise, they will not be able to fly on Spirit Airlines. Children between the ages of 5-14 must travel as an Unaccompanied Minor when they are not traveling with another passenger who is at least 15 years old. Any child that is 15 years and older does not have to travel as an Unaccompanied Minor and is able to fly on their own.

Parents are responsible for letting Spirit Airlines know that their child will be traveling as an Unaccompanied Minor (and for filling out/providing all necessary paperwork). Parents or guardians need to be sure that the child is properly checked-in at the airport, at the ticketing counter (not online) and that the child arrives at the gate at least 60 minutes prior to departure (request a gate pass at the airport and wait with your child at the gate). The parent or guardian who drops the child off must wait at the airport until the flight has been in the air for at least 15 minutes before leaving the airport.

Pet Policy

On Spirit Airlines, pets are only able to travel with you in the cabin as Spirit Airlines does not transport pets as cargo whatsoever. Only small dog breeds, small cat breeds and small household birds (excluding birds on trips that are to/from Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.) are accepted onto Spirit Airlines flights. If you are going to be flying with your pet, you need to notify Spirit Airlines by phone at 1-801-401-2222 as soon as possible as only 4 pet containers are allowed in the body of the aircraft at any given time. If you are traveling with a pet, you will need to check-in at the ticketing counter as curbside and self-check-in options are not available for passengers traveling with pets. The fee for flying with your pet is $110 USD per pet, each way.

Spirit Airlines does not require passengers to provide them with health certificates for pets traveling with passengers in the aircraft. A maximum of two pets per container is permitted, but only one container is allotted per customer, however, the animals must be able to sit, stand and move around comfortably in the container. Your container must be clean, cannot smell, and your animals must be well behaved. Spirit Airlines reserves the right to refuse a pet reservation and can remove your pet from the flight if they are causing a disturbance before the flight. The maximum combined weight for your pet and carrier is 18.14kg and the maximum carrier size is 45.72 x 35.56 x 22.86cm.

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