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LATAM Airlines Brazil started out as TAM Airlines. In 2010 the firm merged with LAN Airlines in Chile to form the LATAM Airlines partnership. LATAM Brazil flies to several cities within that country and code shares with a number of airlines that literally circle the globe. Skyscanner can help you book your flight within Brazil or beyond.

LATAM Brazil started out with a combination of jet and propeller driven aircraft. Today their fleet is all jet and includes several Airbus and Boeing models. The fleet has an average age of seven years, making it one of the most modern within the airline industry. Some of the aircraft are painted to draw attention to certain destinations or promotional causes, such as the Rio 450, Walt Disney World and Oneworld designs.

Why Fly With LATAM Airlines Brazil

How to Check In

LATAM Brazil passengers are welcome to use advance check in services. For international flights you may check in from 72 hours until up to two hours before flight departure. An exception is a flight to the United States where you may only check-in 24 hours prior. If flying domestically within Brazil you have until 45 minutes before scheduled departure.

  • Check-in and seat selection may be done on the internet. You may print out your boarding pass or have it emailed or sent by SMS message. Then you just check your baggage at the airline counter. Service is not available if you are traveling with an infant or a pet.
  • Some airports have Check-In kiosks near the LATAM ticket counters. If you don't have any baggage to check you can just head to your flight with your boarding pass and required ID, such as a Passport.
  • Passengers using the check-in counter for domestic or international flights must arrive at least two hours before departure.

Baggage Allowances and Fees

Baggage allowance on LATAM Brazil varies depending on your destination, class of ticket and the type of aircraft you are on.

  • Economy passengers are allowed one carry-one bag weighing up to 5 kilograms if traveling within Brazil, and weighing up to 8 kilograms if connecting internationally. For Premium Economy or Premium Business, the one bag may weigh up to 16 kilograms. Dimensions allowed in both cabins are 55 cm x 35 cm by 35 cm. One personal item is allowed in addition to the carry-on, such as an umbrella, jacket, tablet or reading material.
  • Check-in baggage is either governed by weight and/or the number of bags. If traveling within Brazil or designated South American destinations, you may check as many bags as you want as long as they total 23 kilograms or less. On the Quito to Miami run, the limit is one bag up to 23 kilograms for Economy passengers and two bags up to 23 kilograms each for Premium Economy and Premium Business. The linear dimensions of any bag must not be over 158 centimetres.
  • Excess or oversized baggage is usually charged bases on a percentage of the airfare paid. Passengers with confirmed reservations on LATAM Brazil may prepay excess baggage fees for up to three bags internationally or for 30 excess kilograms if traveling within Brazil. The service is not available on code share flights.

Seating - Leg Room, Choosing Seats

Much of LATAM Airlines Brazil's fleet is made up of wide-body aircraft. The largest is the Airbus A320, with 300 Economy, 18 Economy Plus and 30 Premium Business seats. Business class has 2, 2, 2 across configuration and economy has 3, 3, 3 across seating. The Economy Plus seats give you more legroom. Of the narrow body jets, the Airbus A321 has 220 Economy seats in a 3, 3 configuration. Of these, six are Economy Plus with the extended legroom. Business class is not available in LATAM's narrow body planes. Seat selection may be done online, at airport kiosks or at the counter.

Booking Fees

Additional booking fees on LATAM Brazil may include charges for cancelling or changing a ticket. The amount of the fee depends on whether you are flying domestically within Brazil or internationally, and how long the flight is. As an example, changes on a short flight, 2,400 kilometres or less, if done five days or less before the flight costs roughly $46.00 CAD. A complete cancel costs roughly $55.00 CAD. Certain discounted tickets are non-refundable.

Airline Contact Information

Customer Service Number

0300 570 5700


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