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Based out of Summerlin, Nevada is an American, low-cost airline that has operating bases all over the continental United States. Allegiant Air is a regional airline that operates flights strictly to American destinations, which means they are able to keep their airline costs down which translates to savings for customers. Allegiant Air employs over 3700 employees and is known for being a no-frills, cost-friendly alternative to major airlines and often runs more flights to specific American travel destinations during peak season. Allegiant Air is 5th in North American airlines for on-time arrivals, with 80% of its flights arriving on-time and 20% experiencing an average delay of 63 minutes.

Be sure to get the best prices for your next Allegiant Air ticket prices and cheap international flights on your next booking by subscribing to Skyscanner’s Price Alert for your next travel destination. Allegiant Air has flight routes all over the continental USA and stops in many major American airports. From their hub at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada here are some popular domestic flights that Allegiant Air flies:

Allegiant Domestic Flights:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada to Bellingham, Washington—2h 41mins, from $92 USD.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada to El Paso, Texas—1h 35mins, from $82 USD.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada to Fargo, North Dakota—3h, from $160 USD.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada to Kansas City, Kansas—2h 40mins, from $109 USD.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada to Memphis, Tenessee—3h 15mins—from $64 USD.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada to Omaha, Nebraska—2h 40mins, from $121 USD.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada to Reno, Nevada—1h 20mins, from $115 USD.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada to Santa Maria, California—1h 20min, from $87 USD.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada to Sioux Falls, South Dakota—2h 45mins, from $96 USD.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada to Tulsa, Oklahoma—2h 35mins, from $235 USD.

10 Major Airports/Hubs serviced by Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air services 177 destinations across the United States, though, in its commitment to keep costs down, they are sure to only run services to locations that are financially viable. Here are some major airports that Allegiant Air services:

  • Bellingham, Washington; Bellingham International Airport: Allegiant Air is located in the Main 1.
  • Orlando, Florida; Sanford International Airport: Allegiant Air is located in Terminal A or B.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada; McCarran International Airport: Allegiant Air is located in Terminal 1.
  • Los Angeles, Florida; St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport: Allegiant Air is located in the Main Terminal.
  • Los Angeles, California; Los Angeles International Airport: Allegiant Air is located in Terminal 5.
  • Hebron, Kentucky; Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport: Allegiant Air is located in Terminal Level 3.
  • Charlotte County, Florida; Punta Gorda Airport: Allegiant Air is located in the Main
  • Horry County, South Carolina; Myrtle Beach International Airport: Allegiant Air is located in the Main
  • Destin and Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa County; Destin–Fort Walton Beach Airport: Allegiant Air is located in the Main
  • Fort Lauderdale, California; Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport: Allegiant Air is located in Terminal 1.

Types of Planes In Service for Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air’s fleet is made up of 54 Airbus model aircrafts (A319-100, A320-200) and 38 Donnell Douglas models, (MD-83, MD-88). The total number of aircraft in their fleet is 92.

Why Fly Allegiant Air

Loyalty Programs, Discounts and Miles Promotions

Allegiant Air’s loyalty program, myAllegiant, is a little different from traditional offerings with other airlines, but it might just be the loyalty program you’ve been waiting for. Instead of a traditional loyalty program, passengers are able to use Allegiant Air’s co-branded MasterCard to earn points towards flight rewards with Allegiant. Different from a traditional, tiered program, with complicated steps, Allegiant Air offers its passengers the freedom and flexibility that comes with the ability to earn points on all purchases, not just through select partners or even just Allegiant Air itself. With your Allegiant Air MasterCard, points add up quickly for you—which means free flights and bonuses on Allegiant Air travel packages. With the Allegiant Air MasterCard, you also qualify for a free companion fare when you purchase a vacation package through Allegiant Air. With bonus points for Allegiant Air purchases (3X points), restaurants (2X points), and 1 point for every other dollar spent on your Allegiant Air MasterCard, you’ll be flying for free before you know it. With myAllegiant, Allegiant Air focuses on the passengers who travel for leisure—who can be largely overlooked by other airlines. So take advantage of Allegiant Air’s program and save up points for your next Allegiant Air vacation!

How to Check In, Seat Assignment, Leg Room and Other Fees

Allegiant Air takes the hassle out of check-in and puts the control back into your hands. Passengers have a variety of money-saving options for check-in, in addition to traditional airport check-in with an agent. Check-in for your Allegiant Air flight is available between 24 hours before until 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure, so be sure to get to the airport early if you are planning on checking in with an Allegiant Air ticketing agent.

Allegiant Air offers alternatives to traditional check-in at the airport in the form of both web check-in and through their Allegiant Air Mobile application. With the web option, all you need is your confirmation number, first and last name, email, or credit card number (that you booked your trip with), and you can sign into their online system, check-in, choose your seats, and print your boarding passes.

With the Allegiant Air mobile app, you can check-in for your flight, save your boarding passes, add priority boarding, pay for extra luggage, make your preferred seat selection, check on the status of your flight and more! Be aware that if you don’t print your boarding passes at home, or don’t utilize the mobile app, it’s a $5.00 fee for an agent to print a physical copy of your boarding pass for you.

Seat selection is available at booking for a fee, but this is the best way to ensure that you get the seat you want. For passengers who do not wish to pay extra for a seat assignment, you can wait until check-in and let Allegiant Air pick your seat assignment for you (though, if you are traveling in a party, you might not have seats together). Your seat assignment cannot be changed once boarding passes have been printed, so be sure you are sitting where you want before you confirm your flight details.

Baggage Allowance and Fees

As Allegiant Air is a low-cost airfare provider, the less luggage that you travel with the cheaper it will be for you. However, Allegiant Air does allow each of its passengers to bring on one personal item for free (such as a purse, backpack, briefcase) as long as the dimensions are no bigger than 7.8 x 38.1 x 40.6cm. Passengers are able to purchase the space for one piece of carry-on baggage as long as your bag fits within the dimensions of 22.9 x 35.6 x 55.9cm. Passengers can also purchase up to 4 checked bags. Each piece of checked baggage can be a maximum of 18kg in weight and can be no bigger than 203cm in total dimensions (L + W + H).

The fees for luggage change depending on the departure and destination of your flight, but the prices range from $17 USD to $50 USD, per piece, per flight segment. If customers are looking to save money on their baggage, be sure to pre-purchase your luggage allowance prior to your flight (at booking) or during pre-departure, as the fees rise significantly if you purchase luggage allowance at the airport.

Any passenger that has overweight, oversized, or excess luggage is subject to fees ranging from $50 USD to $75 USD per piece, so be sure that your luggage is within the weight and dimension requirements. Customers with strollers, car seats or mobility aids are not subject to the excess baggage fee.

Service On Board: In-flight Entertainment and Meals

Allegiant Air is committed to bringing low-cost fares to their passengers, so instead of paying for expensive entertainment systems on their planes, they pass on the savings to their passengers. Customers are welcome to bring their FAA-approved electronic entertainment devices on the plane with them (as long as they are in airplane safe mode), but currently, they do not offer any type of in-flight entertainment systems. Allegiant does offer their Sunseeker Magazine for free where passengers can read about Allegiant Air’s destinations and many entertainment options for their arrival city. As most of Allegiant Air’s flights are short-haul, they dedicate their time and efforts to keeping costs down. At this time, Wi-Fi is not available on Allegiant Air flights.

For food options, on Allegiant Air flights, snacks, light meals, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are all available for purchase during your flight. Food on Allegiant Air is inexpensive and prices for food and beverages range from $4 USD to $7 USD. In addition, Allegiant Air also offers last-minute shopping opportunities for its passengers—in case you forgot to purchase a souvenir on your way home. Allegiant Air does not accept cash on its flights, so be sure to bring along your debit or credit card in order to make any in-flight purchases.

Any passenger who has specific dietary needs should be prepared to pack their own FAA-approved food options for their trip as Allegiant cannot guarantee that their food will be allergen free and does not offer pre-purchase food options for their flights.

Child Fares/Fees, Minor Service Guidelines

Allegiant Air is committed to safe airline travel for children and, as such, they have specific guidelines for passengers traveling with children. Though it’s recommended by Allegiant Air that all children have their own seat, regardless of their age, children who have not yet reached their second birthday are able to travel on the lap of a guardian (the guardian must be at least 15 years of age) without charge. Only one child per adult lap is permitted, so any adult traveling with more than one child will have to purchase a seat for the second child, regardless of their age. Any child that is over the age of 2 must have their own seat and any child that is under 18kg must have an FAA-approved safety seat in addition to the airline sea. Children who are not able to sit up independently in an airline seat are also required to have an FAA-approved safety seat.

Children who are between the ages of 15 days to 2 years are required to have a birth certificate or other identification with their birth date on it. For children between the ages of 2 to 17, identification showing the child’s birth date is strongly recommended by Allegiant. Any child over the age of 18 must have government-issued photo identification in order to be able to fly. If a child appears to be over the age of 18, it is recommended that they bring identification to show to airport officials. For parents traveling with strollers or extra car seats, there is no charge for checking these items at the gate. Additionally, parents are able to bring a diaper bag with them in the cabin at no extra charge.

Be aware that Allegiant Air does not accept unaccompanied minors under the age of 15 and any child who is traveling alone is required to have identification that confirms their birth date, otherwise, they will be unable to travel on Allegiant Air flights.

Pet Policy

Allegiant Air allows passengers to travel with live pets in the cabin of their aircraft the contiguous 48 states and San Juan, Puerto Rico (Hawaii and Alaska are excluded). Allegiant Air does not require you to provide health certificates or vaccination records for your pet on their airline. Only domestic cats and dogs are allowed on Allegiant Air flights as long as they are in approved carriers. Carriers for your pet must be:

  • Soft-cased (no hard bodies), leak-proof and able to fit under the seat in front of you.
  • No more than two pets per carrier.
  • Pets need to be able to stand and turn around comfortably in the carrier.
  • Have maximum dimensions of 23 x 40 x 48cm.

Pet carriers are not included in the carry-on baggage limitations and the fee for carrying your pet in the main cabin is $100 USD (per segment, per way). Passengers are limited to one pet carrier per person and only adults (at least 15 years of age) are able to travel with a pet. While you are traveling in the airport terminal and in the aircraft, your pet must remain completely inside its carrier and it is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that you meet the requirements for traveling with a pet.

Any passengers on Allegiant Air who are flying with emotional support animals or service animals are exempt from the pet policy and fees.

Airline Contact Information

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