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If Canada has a flyover country, this is it. Dryden sounds like a sleepy place, and in a way it is, tucked away in the vast, pristine wilderness of northern Ontario. Like all of the wild places left on earth, it has some compelling secrets and amazing beauty, which you can find if you fly into Dryden Regional Airport (YHD). Here is some quick information about the airport and the nearby aerodrome, which is an essential feature for most cities in this part of the world.

  • Dryden Regional Airport (YHD). One airline, one runway, one terminal, but no waiting. Bearskin Airlines, a regional carrier that virtually rules the skies of western Ontario and southern Manitoba, is the only commercial flight operator in town. All but one of their destinations is in the immediate vicinity, and that’s Winnipeg in the neighbouring province of Manitoba. Other destinations include Kenora, Thunder Bay, Red Lake, Fort Frances, and Sioux Lookout. For private charters and airline maintenance, the airport is home to MAG Aerospace Canada, and if you need information about the surrounding wilderness, you can stop by the Ministry of Natural Resources office before leaving the airport.
  • Dryden Water Aerodrome. Virtually every community in northern Ontario is equipped with an aerodrome, as for some isolated towns it's the only connection with the outside world for at least part of the year. Winter and spring thaw tend to block or delay any land travel, but the float planes will always fly. There are no regularly scheduled commercial flights from here, but if you're heading to a more isolated place like a hunting lodge or fishing camp, a bush pilot and his float plane will get you there.

Neither of the airports has any connections to public transit, which is scant in the area at the best of times. You can rent a car at Dryden Regional Airport or take a taxi to your home, lodge, or hotel.

What to see and do in Dryden.

Welcome to the forest that time forgot. The trees, lakes, and dramatic rocky outcroppings are unmarred by roads, power lines, or other signs of human habitation. You'll get farther with a canoe or a float plane than you will with a car. Wait for winter, and a good pair of skis will take you further than any kind of motorized transportation. Naturally, most of the attractions that draw visitors involve lakes and other natural wonders. The city also hosts various music and arts festivals throughout the year.

  • Max the Moose is one of the few man-made landmarks in Dryden. Just short of six meters high, you can see Max on the Trans-Canada highway as you renter Dryden. He’s also the mascot for Moosefest, a fan festival for the television series “Northern Exposure” that takes place exclusively in northern communities.
  • Bending Lake. Visit this lake and the surrounding shoreline of the nearby Turtle River to see ancient relics of the region’s original inhabitants. This junction of rivers and lakes was an ancient meeting place for the Cree, Ojibway, and Algonquian people, and many others. Pictographs, burial grounds, and other artifacts define this area as a thriving prehistoric trade centre.
  • Lake of the Woods, formerly known by the French name Lac des Bois, this lake is actually a myriad of lakes and rivers joined into a single massive body of water that includes Ontario, Manitoba, and the American state of Minnesota.
  • Aaron Provincial Park. The focal point of this vast park, which is conveniently located just off the Trans-Canada Highway, is the majestic and pristine Thunder Lake. The lake has several sandy beaches and is ideal for swimming, boating, and fishing. Remnants of a glacier that covered this part of Ontario ten thousand years ago still litter the shoreline and surrounding area.
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P O Box 817,
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Longitude:92° 44' 39'' W
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